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Agronet India is founded by Mr. Prakash Patel in 2003 at Kalol , Gujarat.Today we are an acclaimed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high grade Agricultural Shed Nets and Industrial Shed Nets in variety of designs, colors and patterns in sync with the international quality standards. These nets allow the farmers to protect the crop from different unexpected calamities.

Nowadays farmers are relying more on shed nets than various pesticides and allied chemicals, for better crops and good yield. Shed Nets have numerous advantages and benefits, therefore these have become the most preferred products amongst the harbingers of agricultural and industrial revolutions.

 Benefits of Shade Nets

->Always ensures high productivity and good yield
->Protects from the harmful rays (U.V. & I.R.) of the Sun
->Helps to utilize the wastelands enormously
->Helps farmers to grow non seasonal crops easily
->Works effectively at all altitudes and plains
->Works effectively in extremes of temperature, light, water, moisture
->Enhances the rate of photosynthesis thereby increasing the output by many times.

 Application Areas

-> Nursery
-> Floriculture
-> Horticulture
-> Green House
-> Bio Fertilizers
-> Aerouponic Farms
->Shed for Animals
-> Hydrophonic Farms
-> Flooring for Poly Houses
-> Gardening & Vegetable Plantations, etc